Slow Down

With the delivery of a new Little Tim book (by Ardizzone), Batman all excited for me to read it to him, I read it to all three in the few minutes left before their swim classes begin.  But as the book is lengthier than just the few minutes I had and as it neared swim class begin time, I began rushing the reading and when Magical asked to read each caption, I showed annoyance at having to slow down and “lose time” fearing not finishing the story before the class began.

WELL.  What benefit is there if I just rush through and finish it?  Do I get to check it off somewhere and feel a sense of accomplishment?  Accomplishing what?  For whom?

Thankfully, I recognized what I was doing and quickly slowed down.  We didn’t finish, they went off swimming with this unfinished story in the back of their minds.  We will pick it back up later – and hopefully, then, after the unfinished story brews in the back of their minds for a time, and when the resolution finally comes, the beautiful story will actually have time to reach their souls.  Even if not, we got to enjoy a nice leisurely time of reading and bonding.  So all is well.

Slow down.


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