Remember Who You Are

I always imagined that motherhood would be like the Sound of the Music – that I would lead my children into all beauty, truth and goodness with singing and dancing on the beautiful Alps or something like that.

Then I actually became a mother.

Somehow, my oldest has turned 7, and I am still a yelling mother.  I really don’t want to yell at the children.  I know they are created in the image of Almighty God, I know they are loved by God and I love them too.  If I say, “I won’t yell at them again!” I simply put myself under the law and then well, “law” does its work and creates in me all the more desire to just yell.

But how do I tap into the grace of God and His strength?  How do I discipline and train my children in righteousness in the midst of their ugly bickering, lashing out at each other and greedy and selfish behavior?

But also… what makes me want to yell at their brokenness?  As if I think they can just stop it themselves?  Can I just stop my sinfulness?  Can I just stop being selfish myself?  Can I just stop in my brokenness just because somebody gets mad at me?

No – I can’t and they can’t.  We need God’s grace, as cliche as that sounds.  I need Jesus’ resurrection power that enables me.  I need Christ’s strength made perfect in my weakness.  I need to remember all this, at the very moment the ugliness happens.  I need to remember God and who I am and who they are – bought by Jesus’s blood, freed from sin and brought into His righteousness through Jesus’ resurrection.  Prince and princesses of the Almighty God.

Will this mean I will stop yelling at them?  No – but I have His grace when I fall.


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