Any Asian American homeschooling families?

I’m obviously new to blogging and really don’t “follow” many bloggers either.  But I do read a few select bloggers because, well, they are pretty awesome and very helpful.  Yet, I’ve often wondered… are there any Asian American homeschooling families out there that blog?  I mean, I am a Korean American homeschooling mom, but I can’t call myself a blogger.  I’ve done a few google searches and Korean American mom bloggers are often about cooking and kimchi.  Well, I love food and I love kimchi (when someone else makes it for me) but really, if there are any Korean American – or any other Asian American – homeschooling mom/dad bloggers out there, I would love to find them and see what they are doing and how they are doing things… about how their families respond to homeschooling (a very weird concept to Koreans and very rare among Korean Americans as well, at least around where we are) and how they incorporate culture and Korean heritage into their homeschooling experience.

Are there any?


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